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A productive asset like a customer success story can enhance your marketing strategy. We go to their locations, we interview them and we build a story.


We send you a portable recorder. You interview your guests. We edit, add music, effects and create an episode. We publish and maintain episodes, publishing in different platforms.


From an idea to the screen, we create engaging animations that can help your company to send out your message. We work with you from the concept to the final result.olore magna aliqua.


Covering conventions looks easy. But getting engaging content with high quality sound and professional picture requires high skills. We are specialized in managing large volumes of interviews.


We record live classes with different cameras and sync with white boards and power points presentations. We add effects, graphcis … getting a final professional online tutorial video.


Green Screen is a tecnique used nowadays in several high quality productions. We are specialized in post production re-touch including chroma key (green screen removal) and visual effects.


Brand new approach in the editing workflow and customization possibilities

In our Los Angeles office we have 5 editing suites with professional editors that can take your production to a total different level. We’ll be able to professionally edit footage and create appealing and engaging videos from 15 sec to up to a full feature lenght of 90 min.

You need it? We make it.

A few things we’re great at

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and business that stand still, or are content with mediocrity eventually disappear. We strive to provide the best


For a 3-5 min video sometimes we shoot 2 or 3 interviews, 30-40 min each. We provide together with the raw footage (which belongs to you) a transcript of the full, unedited interview.


Loud environment and your audience cannot hear the sound? Well, we provide closed captions (.srt .vtt .scc) in English or translated in any language you might need.


Corporate videos have to be in sync with the look & feel of your organization. We customize, adapt, create graphcis conforming to your company brand standards until your brand team gives the ok.


We create intros, closing clips, lower third, transitions, overlay texts… all following the look & feel of your organization. We pay attention to details, like graphics palette and fonts allowed by your company.


We provide music that that fits perfectly the personalized editing. All our music is licensed. We partner with: Universal Production Music ©.


We provide dedicated pages to keep track in real time of statistics views per video on different platforms. So you can easily write updated reports on your videos.


Why you should work with us

After more than a decade of producing videos, we learn that shooting and editing are not the only key to be successful.


We approach projects with the eyes of a kid, to create easy content and send the message loud and clear.


Tight deadlines ? No worries if we say we do it for that day, we will.


We know you have tight deadlines and we definitely are not scared to work at night or on the weekends. If we say we deliver, we deliver.


We help to provide you with real-time statistics of all of your videos, so you can track views in different platforms and analyze what works and what doesn’t.


What about Rates: the Elephant in the room

Let’s talk about our RATES. We are a full-production company from an idea to the screen. We learnt that the best way to have a successful business is to have recurring clients, where we can build and nurture a business relationships where both companies can benefit from it. So you never work with us? Contact us and tell us about your needs. We’ll send you samples and rate, which are completely customized to your needs.

Oh… and one more thing: usually the first video is on us (*restrictions apply)

Our Happy Clients

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