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Online Projects

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a period of working from home is becoming increasingly inevitable for many companies. For a number of employees, this experience is completely new.
We are here to support, help and create with you marketing assets, without leaving the house.
Here’s few examples. All of these projects were developed, created, reviewed and published working from home. All the footage was carefully selected by our team on paid royalty libraries. Voice over casting was made completely online, and also all the graphics, filters, music & reviews.

Port of Rotterdam chooses Cisco

Each year, 130,000 vessels traverse Europe’s largest and busiest port that processes millions of tons of cargo: Port of Rotterdam. Cisco IoT and security solutions help the port ensure safe passage and cargo transfer, positioning it as one of the world’s smartest ports.

Cisco Disaster Relief

The devastation from the disasters of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the earthquakes in Mexico will no doubt last months if not years. Cisco is committed to helping those who have lost so much in the form of grants, employee matching campaigns, as well as technology and communications support with Cisco TacOps.


Of course all of our animations can be made during WFH period. Here’s few example of different “look & feel”.

Three Paths to the Cloud

Cisco, EMC and VCE are accelerating cloud deployments and driving application proliferation with industry leading infrastructures featuring Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure.

Gfx-accelerated Data Center

From Cisco and NVIDIA, these 3D graphics visualization with inspiring music and engaging voice can keep your audience watching until the copyright clip at the end.

Broadband Your WAN

Silver Peak gives enterprises and service providers the flexibility to securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available.


Amerigo Film office is located in Los Angeles, CA but most of our clients are not. Therefore for more than 10 years, even when we weren’t under this difficult period of COVID-19, we have been working remotely with clients and developed a way to work remotely. Here’s you can see a regular workflow on how to develop a project. For these particular projects (for Online Projects shooting is not required), everything can be done online and from the comfort of your couch. One note is: “this is OUR workflow”. Creating can be different agency from agency. That’s how WE do it, cause we believe it’s the most efficient for our work.



Usually we write the script based on the input of clients. Often is more like a collaboration between us and the client. Web Conf. Call can allow to define major aspect of the project from different people.



We cast online between thousands of voiceover talent. We usually test based on few lines from the script. When we found our candidate (who records in his/her studio) we finish the whole audio track.



We select the music that matches the spec we got from the client and edit the music based on the audio voice-over track. Sometimes we go back to the voice-over, re-edit or ask to re-record.



Around our audio timeline, we start creating graphics, always in sync with the voice-over and the music. Depending of the time provided, we usually send few samples to be okayed.



We put together all the elements creating the first draft. We actively engage the client sending back and forth new versions of the project. Often this is the long phase, but also the most rewarding.



Often we need to go back to ask voice-over to re-record bits, re-editing music, changing graphics… After we finalize we add filters, color correction, final mixing and deliver the final product.